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01. What is the difference between a standard order and a pre-order?

When placing an order in our store, you have the choice between a standard order and a pre-order. The choice of the latter option is available only during certain periods, before production begins. If the product you are interested in is currently in stock, you can purchase it in the standard way, and we will immediately proceed to ship it. On the other hand, when you decide to order a product through the pre-sale system, you participate in our production process. The product will be delivered after the time it takes us to produce it, which is stated next to each product. This way allows us to better manage PRODUCTION and you, in return for your patience, receive a 30% discount from us. Pre-ordered products are available in standard sizes.

02. When can I take advantage of the possibility to make a product according to individual dimensions?

Customized products can be made only for products available for pre-sale, after the dimensions have been agreed by e-mail, the order has been approved and paid for at the standard price. We are committed to creating durable clothing that will serve you for many years. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that your purchases are carefully thought out and sized appropriately. By choosing this order form, you automatically participate in our free 2-year repair and rework program.

03. My order has been confirmed. Can I change or cancel it?

Once your order has been approved and paid for, if you find that you want to make changes to it or cancel it, please contact us by writing to customercare@milyduch.com. In the body of the message, specify the order number and the reason for your request. If it is possible and the order has not yet been shipped, we will try to meet your wishes and help you make the necessary changes.



01. How can I pay for my order?
To pay for your order, you can use the following payment methods:

  • Payment cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express
  • BLIK
  • Apps: Apple Pay, Google Pay
  • PayPal
02. How do I pay for an order using a gift card or using a credit note?

Before accepting your order, enter the special discount code you received from us in an email in the designated field. The amount of the discount will be automatically deducted from the total amount to be paid.

03. Is my payment secure?

Our STRIPE operator guarantees full payment security. It is certified as a PCI Service Provider Level 1 – the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Providing data is voluntary, but necessary to make payment for the order. We would like to assure you that your data will only be used to process payment for your order.

04. When will my account be charged?

Your account will be debited within 2-3 days of placing the order.
In case of cancellation of the pre-sale order, you will receive a refund within the same period.

05. What if my payment was declined?

If your payment has been declined, please contact us by writing to customercare@milyduch.com. We will try to find the best solution to this problem.

06. Where can I find my invoice?

Once your order is accepted and shipment is confirmed (which is related to point 4. regarding payment), you will receive an e-mail confirming the transaction with an attached invoice. If you lose this message, you will also find all the information in the order history in your user account – so it is worth setting it up.



01. Do you deliver shipments to other countries?

We are a Polish brand with international reach. Our shipments reach all countries in the European Union, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, offering free delivery and returns. However, customs duties and other taxes are to be covered by you.

If you would like to place an order from a country outside of those listed above, please contact us by writing to customerservice@milyduch.com.

02. When will my order be shipped?

All orders for standard and in-stock products are processed immediately, usually within 24-48 hours. If you have selected a pre-sale product, the expected shipping date is listed next to each product. Special orders are carried out according to individually agreed delivery times.

03. I ordered several products, but not all will be available at the same time. How will they be delivered to me?

If you ordered several products that will not be available at the same time, you will be contacted by email. Decide for yourself whether you want to receive the available portion of your order sooner, or whether you prefer to reduce your carbon footprint and wait for delivery of your entire order.

04. How are orders shipped?

At Miły Duch, we chose the best supplier of shipments, DHL. Standard deliveries, both in Poland and EU countries, are free of charge. If you want international express delivery, there is an option to choose this service for a surcharge of 16 euros.

05. How can I track my shipment?

When your shipment is posted, you will receive an email with its number. From then on you will be able to track your order by clicking on the link provided. If you do not receive such a message, please contact us at customerservice@milyduch.com.


Returns and exchanges

01. Under what conditions and within what time period can I make a return?

You have 14 days after delivery to decide whether you want to return part or all of your order. We are a committed brand, taking great care in the workmanship of our products. Therefore, we will be extremely pleased if you inform us immediately, by email, of your intention to return your order. This will help us better manage our resources.

Remember that the products you return must not have any signs of use, must not have been worn (except for fitting), must not have been washed, and must retain the original protection (the label affixed to our seal).

02. Are there any fees for returns?

In each shipment you will find a return label attached, which will allow you to return all or part of your order without any problems. Importantly, you will not incur any additional costs associated with the return process.

03. What if I want to exchange the product for another one?

If you want to exchange the product for another one, please contact us by writing to customercare@milyduch.pl and we will do the rest.

04. What if I want a refund for one or more of the products I purchased?

To receive a refund for one or more of your purchases, follow the procedure below:

1. Fill out the return form, which you will find here.
2. Pack the products you wish to return in a cardboard box and close it carefully to avoid damage during transportation.
3. Stick the return label you received from us in the package with your order.
4. Contact the DHL hotline to arrange acceptance of the return shipment. You can also consult with DHL to see if there are other options available for sending the return.

05. I did not receive a return label in my package. What to do?

If you did not receive the return label in the package or lost it, please contact us by writing to customercare@milyduch.com and we will promptly send it to you.

06. How long will it take me to get a refund?

As soon as we receive your return and make sure that the returned products are in their original condition – without any signs of wear, washing or removed labels with our MD symbol – we will immediately start the refund procedure. The verification process can take up to 3 business days.

After successful verification, the refund will be transferred to your bank account. The waiting period for the funds to appear in your account can be up to 14 business days, depending on your bank.

07. One of the products purchased has defects. What to do?

If you notice that one of the products you purchased has defects, please contact us immediately. You can do so by emailing us at customercare@milyduch.com. In the body of the message, specify the order number and attach photos of the product where the defect is visible.

You can also use the contact form available here or send a message via WhatsApp messenger.

If you prefer the traditional form of contact, write to us at:

METIERS sp. z o.o.
based in Puszczykowo,
ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 23,
62-040 Puszczykowo.



01. How to choose the right size?

With each product you will find a size guide to help you choose the right size.

However, if you still have concerns or need additional assistance, please contact us by writing to contact@milyduch.com.

02. Where are Miły Duch's clothes made?

Miły Duch clothes are made in Poland, in our studio in the heart of the Wielkopolska National Park.
The artistic direction of our clothes is given by the extraordinary women of the design studio in Paris.
The entire production process takes place in our own sewing room in Poland. On our website you can meet the talented women who give life to the clothes you buy from us.

03. What fabrics are Miły Duch clothes made of?

Fabrics are as important to us as the cut and quality of workmanship. To ensure that our artisanal precision can find the right outlet, we choose fabrics from outstanding weaving mills with more than a century of tradition, mainly Italian and French.

We use wool fabrics or fine melanges of wool with silk or linen. We are always on the lookout for materials that draw on tradition, relying on natural compositions, truly excellent fabrics, the kind often used in men’s high tailoring, as they offer warranties of reliability and durability.

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