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Mistakenly considered a practical item of clothing, hardly suitable for formal occasions, pants are a unique styling element, emphasizing women’s values and expressing their personal beliefs.

The pants are fully justified and look great even at the most elegant events.

Juxtaposed with the tuxedo jacket, which was long considered formal attire reserved exclusively for men, the pants have found their place in the women’s closet, adding timeless elegance and a note of daring to styling. Women who opt for a full tuxedo outfit exude self-confidence while manifesting their unique style and pushing the traditional boundaries of fashion – something that would certainly please the great designer Yves Saint Laurent, who introduced the set into the women’s closet.

The spirit of the revolution that Yves Saint Laurent launched in the 1960s significantly changed the face of women’s fashion. He made the tuxedo a symbol of rebellion, transcending conventions and shaping a silhouette that celebrated modernity while remaining true to its heritage.

Photo by fashion photographer Helmut Newton, Paris, 1975, source : Flickr.com, CC BY 2.0 DEED

Steeped in history and sophistication, the women’s tuxedo embodies a subtle blend of classic sophistication and bold modernity. The contrast between the precise cut of the tuxedo and the natural femininity creates a unique visual harmony.

The women’s tuxedo offers incredible versatility, fitting perfectly for both formal and more casual occasions. A tuxedo jacket paired with tailored pants, such as our model Eliza, exudes contemporary flair and is a bold choice, while paired with cropped pants, like pants Maria, emphasizes feminine grace and elegance. This versatility makes the women’s tuxedo jacket an excellent foundation for a closet meant to encompass a variety of styles and occasions.

Wearing a tuxedo is a subtle act of rebellion, a manifestation of women’s style independence. This is a clear transgression of gender norms in fashion, emphasizing that style is not limited by predetermined boundaries. Women who opt for a tuxedo exude confidence, transcending conventions and celebrating their individualism and freedom of self-expression.

In conclusion, wearing a tuxedo by women is much more than a fashion statement. It’s a conscious choice to adopt clothing infused with history and masculinity to make it a unique means of expressing modern femininity. By wearing a tuxedo, women celebrate the harmonious unity of past and present, creating a fascinating silhouette that transcends time and fashion.

Away from the rule of “be beautiful and be silent,” we wish you an extraordinary Christmas full of joy and freedom of self-expression – uncompromisingly

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