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October 10, is a date that has symbolic meaning for us. October 10, the day Olga Tokarczuk was announced as the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

A literary icon and a remarkable woman, respecting the freedom of others and unwavering in her convictions.

Miły Duch is much more than just another fashion brand. It’s a symbol of one woman’s desire to appreciate the work of other women, talented expert hands who work in the backrooms of sewing workshops and have a valuable gift, but are often not appreciated enough.

The brand is also a showcase of excellent Polish know-how, which until now has only been used to create clothes with French women in mind, not Polish women.

Finally, the brand represents the most liberated element of a woman’s closet, a symbol of emancipation, our daily companion: pants.

Miły Duch embodies the most beautiful of philosophies, the most beautiful of spirits: the spirit of the community of women.

Today, instead of a grand opening, we would like to tell you one of the secrets of our creative process: our inspirations. Their names were Colette, Georges Sand, Charlotte Perriand, Katharine Hepburn… These exceptional women made the men’s closet the epitome of elegance, drawing on their inner strength and extraordinary charm, without losing their natural femininity. These women gave us the inspiration we needed to create our pants.

Miły Duch pants are the fruit of a combination of fabrics borrowed from men’s tailoring and distinctive elements of men’s suits, complemented by our know-how and tailoring excellence. We have deciphered every detail. Pay attention to how the fabric, draping and pleats are arranged. Construction details became the language in which we expressed shapes, lines and finishes….

We have retained the essentials of the men’s garment in our pants, adding femininity and softness through a color palette that includes beiges, sage and anthracite.

All this so that strength and gentleness can coexist in harmonious dialogue. The essence of early feminism encapsulated in our first creations.

An exclusive, limited edition collection that we designed to make you feel good and beautiful.

This is where the story begins, when what was just a project becomes a movement in itself.

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