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Why Miły Duch?

Why another clothing brand in a world where clothes are lying in heaps and are a real threat to our world?

More than 25 years of learning about the industry has shown me that the world of fashion from the flashbulbs and colorful magazines, beautiful storefronts and discreet scents sprayed in fitting rooms, is not always the same world in which clothes are made.

I have often wondered why all these wonderful women (because they are the ones who most often perform all these complicated processes that require precision and focus) go unnoticed. Why does no one care about their motivation, satisfaction and all those aspects of humanity that make us do our work with joy and conviction. Or even with pride…

It was then that the dream of one day making them feel important, appreciated and empowered. So that all those anonymous “souls,” as Jerzy Antkowiak called them in his memoirs about Polish Fashion by Ewa Rzechorzek, would show their face and could be named. So that their irreplaceable role is recognized. From this desire, Miły Duch was born.

Miły Duch as our answer to the concept of fashion, where meaning is missing and the world is built on sand, without foundations, without values. Miły Duch as the struggle of all those women who are both strong and elegant, a struggle based on conviction and common sense.

Unusual meetings made it possible to establish a bond, and this bond made the combined forces work with a synergistic effect. Our great Olga Tokarczuk wrote in The Books of James: “True wisdom is the art of combining everything with everything, then the right shape of things emerges.”

Miły Duch has brought together the extraordinary French brand strategist Celine Gendry-Morawski, her wonderful background from Studio La Racine, joined by Polish experts in the art of tailoring, the wonderful and talented women of Poland’s Aux Metiers, and the extraordinary Ewelina Obitz and Sylwia Nessler, who support us in implementing all ideas into the Polish local market. Because while the brand has international ambitions, its launch is taking place in Poland.

Realizing the dream:

* about sensible and responsible fashion, fashion that is created locally with the needs of its clients in mind;* about fashion that appreciates women, both those who create it and those who wear it;* about fashion that is responsible for workstations, where it is created with passion and soul;* about fashion that is aware of its impact on the environment;

We offer you beautifully tailored pants, made of natural fabrics of noble composition (beautiful wools from Fratelli Talli di Delfino, a place that has stolen our hearts), with attention to all the details of the finishing so that you feel comfortable and surrounded by care, yet strong and free.

We would like to thank you for all your pre-sale orders and your valuable comments, which help us every day to improve the clothes we create, because we want them to stay with you for a long time, like all those precious items to which we attach ourselves and pass on to the next generation.

We will be pleased to receive information from you about whether our promises have been fulfilled and whether wearing our pants makes you feel the way we promised you. Your experiences and confidences will help us build our Kind World together with you.

Joanna (originator of Miły Duch) Miły Duch les petites mains

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