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Fashion is constantly evolving to the rhythm of the passing of time. Among the myriad closet items, pants play a key role and are also not indifferent to trends. Are you curious about what styles of pants reigned in different decades? Which of these styles have stood the test of time and are still respected in the fashion world?


In 1920s, wide-legged pants, also known as Oxford pants or Charleston pants were in vogue. These were costumes typical of the jazz and ballroom dance era. They were characterized by a high waist and a strong accent on the waist, emphasizing an hourglass waist. These pants were perfectly in line with the fashion of the 1920s, characterized by elegance and feminine charm.

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In 1950s women’s pants with a tube cut were in vogue. These models called cigarette pants or Capri pants have become a symbol of a fashionable and elegant look. They were often paired with tight sweaters and ballerinas, creating a striking, retro style.


In 1960s, denim pants became a fashion icon thanks to the youth revolution of customs. They were worn by both men and women, symbolizing the spirit of freedom and rebellion. Women wore flare pants and paired them with collared shirts and long vests. This decade was accompanied by looseness and nonchalance in fashion.


Bell bottoms and culotte pants were in vogue. Bell bottoms were distinctive because of their flared legs, which gave the silhouette some nonchalance. On the other hand, culottes, or short skirts in the form of pants, were part of the hippie style. Women wore them in combination with embroidered shirts and floral designs.


The 1980s brought with them the ubiquitous tube pants, which were worn by both men and women. This period also saw the emergence of cigarette pants, often in neon colors and decorated with metallic elements. Fashion of the 1980s was characterized by extravagance and boldness in self-expression.


In the 1990s, baggy pants were fashionable, characterized by a loose fit and often low-rise. They were worn by both men and women. The grunge style dominated this decade, which translated into the wearing of destroyed pants and large shirts. It was a period of nonchalance and slackness in fashion.

21st century

In the 21st century, there are many trends and styles in both men’s and women’s fashion. Tube pants remain popular, and flared-leg pants are back in fashion as “bell bottoms.” Still extremely popular are classic, elegant high-waisted pants. Nowadays we also have many choices of cut, length and cut of pants, so everyone can find something suitable for themselves.

The history of trouser fashion is full of fascinating changes and evolutions. Each decade brings new trends that shape the face of fashion and influence the choice of pants in a given period. And interestingly enough, many of these styles are still recognized in today’s fashion world. If you’re wondering what pants are perfect for you, be sure to check out the Miły Duch collection to discover your favorite cut.

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